Progressive Lifestyles

In keeping with our commitment to facilitating full and enriched lives for our clients and their families, SCOPE has developed a “My Progressive Lifestyle” plan for each of our clients.

My Progressive Lifestyle

“My Progressive Lifestyle”, developed and implemented individually for each client, comprises a 12 week forward plan of seasonally-based activities built around the wishes and aspirations of both the client and his/her family. The activities are reviewed with the client and the staff on a monthly basis and amended if necessary. Each “Progressive Lifestyle” plan is refreshed quarterly with the client and his/her family. Progress is monitored continually (see Fortnight Delivery Planning) and any changes necessary are agreed via meetings with all the stakeholders.

Fortnight Delivery Planning

The Fortnight Delivery Plan converts each client’s “Progressive Lifestyle” plan to specific activities, days, times and sequences. This planning approach ensures the effectiveness of each client’s plan and helps alert our staff to any changes – activities, timings, sequences etc – which might be necessary.